This is a legacy product and is no longer available for sale. We continue to service and support this product.
Mobile gc/ms for chemical detection & identification
Griffin G400

Specialized for transportable and mobile applications, the Griffin 400 provides laboratory quality chemical analysis at the site of interest.

The Griffin 400™ Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer (GC/MS) offers high-performance detection, identification, quantitation and confirmation for a broad range of compounds of interest. Specifically, the Griffin 400 is capable of confirming the presence of illicit drugs, explosives, chemical warfare agents (CWAs), industrial chemicals and organic compounds, including both volatile and semi-volatile components. In addition, the Griffin 400 supports a number of flexible sample introduction options.

Operating Temp. 5 °C to 35 °C
Operating Humidity Less than 85% relative humidity
Full specifications
Dimensions / Weight 19.2 in x 19.2 in x 18 in / 82 lbs
Power Supply Multiple power source options, including:
Sample Introduction Split/Splitless Injector for Sampling via:
Calibrant Onboard FC-43© (Perfluorotributylamine)
Carrier Gas Connection for external gas cylinder (choice of He or H2) - available from many sources. Also H2 generator.
User Interface Full automation by connection w/portable or desktop PC (Ethernet connection TCP/ IP); Remote operation and remote diagnostics.
User Software Griffin System Software (GSS), NIST and AMDIS Mass Spectral Libraries are included, as well as user-defined library capabilities.
Training Operator & support training available
Transportability Ruggedized chassis and internal shock mounting system for rugged transportation.
Mass Spectrometer
DescriAnalyzer / MSn Cylindrical Ion Trap (CIT) - MS/MS capable.ption
Mass Range 40 to 425 m/z
Scan Rate Up to 10,000 m/z per second @ 20 points per m/z
TitIonization Type Internal Electron Ionization (EI)le
Detector Electron Multiplier
Vacuum System Miniature turbo molecular pump and miniature quad diaphragm (contained within instrument, no external pump required).
Low thermal mass-Gas chromatograph
LTM-GC Column Standard Rxi-5MS, 30m x .25mm x .25um; Other columns available at request.
Temp. Programmable 40 °C to 300 °C
Temp . Ramp Rate Up to 100 °C/min (Column dependent)
Max Column Temp. 300 °C (Column dependent)