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BioBadge 100

The BioBadge 100 is a pocket-sized air sampler that collects aerosolized biological particles. BioBadge is especially useful when particles are present in persistent, very low concentration levels. BioBadge may be used for extended time periods to better accumulate an adequate quantity of low-level contaminants.



The scintiSPEC is a universal MCA for 14-pin scintillation detector spectroscopy and counting with a USB interface for communications and power.  The scintiSPEC provides power to the detector PMT and contains signal processing electronics, a Wilkinson ADC and memory.  We recommend replacing this with identiFINDER S900


The microRaider is a hand-held Spectroscopic Personal Radiation Detector (SPRD).  It is designed to monitor radiation and give a warning if an increased radiation level is detected.  It is capable of detection gamma radiation and thermal neutrons (optional).  It also allows qualitative analysis of a detected gamma radiation source by identifying the isotope(s) using a template matching algorithm. We recommend replacing this with identiFINDER R300


The identiFINDER-X is a telescopic version of the identiFINDER.  The telescopic handle extends the detector 2.2m (7.2 feet) away from the operator.  The identiFINDER instrument is a hand-held digital gamma spectrometer.  It is able to rapidly locate, accurately measure and precisely identify sources of contaminations from gamma radiation.  The ability to detect X-ray sources as well as the presence of neutrons in the radiation field via an optional neutron detector allows for a wide application scope.  This identiFINDER includes a 1.4” x 2” NaI scintillation detector. We recommend replacing this with identiFINDER R500


Fido Verdict

Fido Verdict is a palm-size instrument for rapidly identifying suspicious liquids, solids and powdered materials. The system uses well-established Raman spectroscopy technologies to identify explosives, dangerous liquids, narcotics and other threats commonly listed by agencies such as the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). It enables accurate, field-based analysis at security screening checkpoints, and in support of forensic investigations, while minimizing the exposure of first-responders and other users to potentially dangerous chemicals.

Fido PaxPoint

The Fido® PaxPoint™ from ICx Technologies is a handheld, portable liquid screening system capable of detecting liquids used in making explosive devices. The instrument, which weighs roughly three pounds, is capable of quickly screening passengers, baggage, sealed containers and bottles for potential threats.

Fido XTi

Effective protection from the threat of improvised explosive devices requires a detection solution that is personal and portable. The international version of the highly reliable Fido® XT portable explosives vapor detector has been designed to meet the specific needs of international customers where English is not a primary or secondary language. Originally developed for Middle Eastern customers, the Fido XTi can be customized to meet specific language needs.