identiFINDER R425 webinars in November
identiFINDER R425 Webinar
Steven Read

The identiFINDER series webinars continue to be a great success and due to the increased interest, we will be offering additional webinars on the 17th November at 13:00PM EST and the 19th November 09:00AM EST.  These webinars will include our latest technology, the identiFINDER R425, and some very nice features that allow the use of the identiFINDER R425 and identiFINDER R440 down range, which is a must see for all first responders!  These webinar will include a mix of videos, demonstrations, presentation, with an open questions and answers session at the end. 

 Topics will include:

  • Proven Technology which saves lives.
  • identiFINDER R425 overview.
  • A review of the FLIR RAD App, including a new feature which gives users the ability to control the R425 from the app, allowing use down range.
  • A review of Wi-Fi with R440, which gives users the ability to control the R440 using the web interface from an Android or iOS device, allowing use down range.
  • Demonstration of the improved Mass Storage mode with the R425.
  • Demonstration of the web interface.
  • Video of Radiological Exposure Device (RED) scenario with high activity shielded source. This demonstrations sensitivity, ID performance, and the user interface which 1000's of users are familiar with.
  • identiFINDER R-Series comparison.
  • Field checks to help reduce the Cost of Ownership.

Link to register for the webinars...

17th November 2020 at 13:00PM EST    Click Here

19th November, 2020 at 9:00AM EST      Click Here